About Aardevo

Revolutionizing food supplies with potato seeds

Potato is one of the world’s most important food sources, together with corn, wheat, and rice. And of those crops, potato is the most sustainable because it produces more food faster, on less land and with much less water. As the world’s population grows, potato will only become more and more important.

That is why we at Aardevo believe potato has the greatest potential to conquer the world. And what if it could be done even more efficiently and sustainably? Our mission is to revolutionize the food chain. In fact, we are about to launch the best potato the world has ever seen. This hybrid potato – based on potato seed – will be the future of products like French fries, and potato chips, and will thus be the future of our food supply.

Imagine, a 10- by 10-centimeter bag of seeds. Potato seeds. Enough to grow 12 football fields of potatoes! What could that mean for potato production or food supply? And for our environment and our climate? A revolution! The result of extensive research. It is not a question why people have been working for more than 50 years to find a way to sow potatoes rather than plant them. Such a major food revolution may seem far away, but nothing is impossible for our close-knit team of passionate experts.

We believe that innovation is the key to future-proof crops and thus a sustainable food supply. We work on the frontier between cultivation and science. In the Noordoostpolder (NL) and Idaho (US), we are close to the potato chain. Backed by the potato knowledge of Simplot and the breeding expertise of KWS, we have a direct connection to practical applications and the market. This combined with our own knowledge and our unique development process brings the potato seed closer than ever.

The near future will see the availability of our revolutionary potato varieties. Our cutting-edge hybrid potato technology will accelerate the evolution of potato. Potato will become better, stronger, more resistant. All without affecting the taste. Further development of our true potato seed technology will make transport and planting easier. In other words, more food with fewer chemicals, less water, and less transport. And above all, much more sustainable. By sowing potatoes, we are changing the world! This is what we call the art of potato innovation.